Mgr. Alena Večerková

Mgr. Alena VečerkováCzech Republic

Education: Faculty of Education MU, Park Lane College Leeds

Teaching since: 2010

Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: 2011

Teaching experience in: UK, Czech republic

Specialization: YLE (kids and teens) and seniors

About teaching

What I like about teaching
The best thing about teaching English is when you see that the student has learnt something new. Teaching children is really rewarding and you can (usually) see their progress. I like when I know I make the difference.

My advice to students of English?
Never give up!

About me

Three things I like
my family, chocolate, hoovering

My favourite English word
"probably"... I just like the sound of it....

My favourite Czech word
"víno" .... Do I have to explain this?

Something special about me
I have a strong sweet tooth. I´ve been with my husband for 15 years with no arguments. I spent 6 months travelling around New Zealand. I love teaching kids (even if I have 2 of my own)! 

About P.A.R.K.

What I like most about P.A.R.K.
Friendly atmosphere, helpful colleagues, further professional development and Lazy Monkey Coffee Club

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Rychlý kontakt

Jazyková škola P.A.R.K.
+420 541 211 900

Firemní kurzy
+420 608 000 578


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