Mgr. Hana Babincová

Mgr. Hana BabincováBrno, Czech Republic

Education: Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Arts: English and Modern Greek Language and Literature

Teaching qualification: CELTA

Teaching since: full-time since 2005

Teaching in PARK since: 2013

Teaching experience in: Czech Republic, UK, Poland

Specialization:  IHCYL - young learners

About teaching

What do you like about teaching?
The thing I like most about teaching is that I get to meet a lot of great people.

What is your advice to students of English?
expose yourselves to English - read in English, listen to English, watch films and series in English... and go to an English-speaking country, at least for a short holiday...

About me

Three things I like
the sun, the sea and ice cream

My favourite English word
ligniperdous - found it in a mini guidebook to Veveří castle - had to google it...

My favourite Czech word
I honestly can't think of one...

Something special about me
I am always slightly undercaffeinated when not in Greece.

About P.A.R.K.

What I like most about P.A.R.K.
That it is a school which keeps up with the times.

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Rychlý kontakt

Jazyková škola P.A.R.K.
+420 541 211 900

Firemní kurzy
+420 608 000 578


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