Mgr. Maia Marinova

Mgr. Maia MarinovaSofia, Bulgaria

Education: “St.Kliment Ohridsky” University of Sofia

Teaching qualification: Master’s Degree in British and American Studies

Teaching since: 1997

Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: 2000

Teaching experience in: Czech Republic, Bulgaria

About teaching

What I like about teaching
The challenge, the creativity, the freedom

My advice to students of English
Read & listen to as much English as possible and try to speak to foreigners whenever you have a chance

About me

Three things I like
Mamma Mia!, chocolate, caffè latte

My favourite English word
Unputdownable – I love reading unputdownable books

My favourite Czech word
all shortened forms – tělák, bezďák

Something special about Maia
Maia has a brain of a mathematician.

About P.A.R.K.

What I like most about P.A.R.K.
My colleagues, CPD (continuing professional development)

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Rychlý kontakt

Jazyková škola P.A.R.K.
+420 541 211 900

Firemní kurzy
+420 608 000 578


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