Specialista na firemní vzdělávání
v angličtině od roku 1992

Předběžná rezervace kurzu

Na tomto místě Vás poprosíme o vyplnění vstupního testu. Není se čeho obávat, vyplnění Vám nezabere více než 15 minut a je to pro Vás i pro nás nejlepší způsob, jak zjistit, který z našich kurzů je pro Vás nejvhodnější. Na základě odeslání testu Vás pozveme na krátký pohovor, kde společně s naším ředitelem studií výběr kurzu dokončíte.


  • What are these? …'re my books.

  • What's the time? It's …

  • Do you live in London?

  • There … some apples in the bowl.

  • My sisters … play basketball.

  • We … to school on Saturday.

  • When … books?

  • I've got those books. Have you got … ?

  • … the animals in our zoo!

  • This dress is … than that one.

  • She … her keys last week.

  • Why … to Italy last month?

  • I like ice cream, but I … everyday.

  • They … lunch now.

  • What … this weekend?

  • … Friday the exam is … 10 o'clock

  • When I met her she … long dark hair.

  • She … to America twice before.

  • It's raining so take … umbrella with you.

  • Who… it to?

  • It’s ages … we last went to the cinema.

  • If you tell the truth, we …

  • The ticket costs … the CD.

  • Chocolate … for ceremonial purposes in ancient civilizations.

  • ‘I woke up early today.’ ‘…’

  • Do you remember … home?

  • I can’t … to getting up early.

  • If you meet her, … her the news,please.

  • He said he would do his homework… .

  • My father is retired '…'

  • My parents … lend me the money if I asked.

  • She … swimming before school.

  • This coffee is much … strong for me.

  • He could not only play the guitar but the drums … .

  • We … on a beach in Croatia this time next week.

  • Would you mind if … the radio down?

  • She gave it to me so it … be her number.

  • … she asked so nicely I lent her my dictionary.

  • You … take more than two of these tablets.

  • John did it! '' She told me that … .

  • Ok, It's time for you children … to bed

  • My dad … help me after dinner.

  • I'm really interested … physics, things like finding … how the universe started.

  • When did you … up smoking?

  • Just a minute, the match … in two minutes..

  • She's gone back to Scotland because she had … friends here.

  • Is there nothing I can say to … you to come with us?

  • Your marks are ok, … , I still feel you did not work hard enough.

  • I don't think I'll ever pass the exam, I'm so … at the moment.

  • I think parents should do more to keep their children … control.


Napište 5-7 vět na dvě z následujících témat a snažte se maximálně využít svoje znalosti cizího jazyka.

  • Write about your job
  • Write about your last holiday
  • Write about your family
  • Write about your interests
  • Write about your hometown
  • Write about your future plans

Zde si můžete sami zvolit, kdy se potkáte s naším ředitelem studií ohledně Vašeho zařazení do kurzu.