Czech for Foreigners

V naší škole Vám nabízíme několik variant kurzů češtiny pro cizince ve frekvenci 1x2 hodiny týdne na 3 úrovních pokročilosti. 

Čeština pro cizince

- kurzy češtiny pro cizince na třech úrovních pokročilosti (A0, A1 a A2)
- studijní skupiny max. 7-8 studentů
- kurzy  1x 2 vyučovací hodiny týdně
- výuka je zaměřena na praktické vyžití jazyka v každodenních situacích
- odpolední i večerní výuka
- zařazení do kurzu na základě vstupního testu a pohovoru v naší škole
- výuka probíhá podle učebnic: Čeština Expres, plus doplňkový materiál

Czech for foreigners

- courses of Czech language at three levels (A0, A1 and A2)
- groups of 7-8 students
- 1x2 teaching hours per week (90 minutes)
- focus on hands-on language in daily situations
- afternoon or evening lessons
- online placement test to find out your level and an appropriate group
- textbook Čeština express and supplementary materials

More information:

Czech for foreigners A0 – A1


At the end of the course students will be able to introduce themselves, speak about their families (names, jobs, age, hobbies), ask the way, buy food and order meals in a restaurant. They will be able to invite others to different places and to agree on a date and time. They will also be able to describe their duties and skills and will be familiar with past tense.

celý článek


Unit 1 – pronunciation of Czech sounds, basic greetings, saying one’s name and what country they live in, verb ”to be”.

Unit 2 – Asking the way, giving simple directions, public transport, important building in a city, verbs “to go, to do...”.

Unit 3 – Food – fruits and vegetables. Restaurant – ordering meals and paying. Accusative singular. Verb “(not) to like”.

Unit 4 – Family – family members, asking about age, verbs “to have” +, -OVAT verbs.

Unit 5 – Telling the time – dates, times, days, inviting people to places and events, agreeing on time/place to meet. Modal verbs (can, can’t, must).

Unit 6 – Past simple tense, verbs “to know sb, to know that, to be able to do sth”.

Unit 7 – Past tense + prepositions of place “in, at, by” and verbs expressing location. 

Length & schedule

15 x 2 x 45 min (one semester)

Czech for foreigners A1


At the end of the course students will be able to plan their future, describe their flat/house, discuss (means of) travelling, describe their bodies and symptoms of common diseases at the doctor’s. They will learn how to make a phone call and ask all sorts of questions. They will be able to order a room in a hotel and check in, and they will be familiar with basic services and where to obtain them. They will also be able to speak about their jobs, read short job advertisements and apply for a job. 

celý článek


Unit 8 – Planning, places to visit (genitive singular vs. locative singular). Writing an email. Future tense.

Unit 9 – Flat/house – rooms + relevant verbs, furniture, renting a flat, calling a real estate agency. Shops and complaints. Nominative + accusative plural.

Unit 10 – Travelling – means of transport, buying a ticket, discussing travelling habits. Inviting a friend, looking at a map. Verbs (of movements) + basic prefixes

Unit 11 – Human body – body parts and description of symptoms. At the doctor’s, diseases and medicines. Accusative + dative of pronouns

Unit 12 – Greetings and congratulations, writing a letter (an address) and making a phone call (leaving a message). Declension of “who” and “what”.

Unit 13 – AT the hotel – booking a room, checking in. Services – dry cleaner’s, hairdresser’s, etc. Saying the date.

Unit 14 – Jobs and typical activities. Looking for a job – reading an advertisement, writing a CV. Long-term visa application.

Length & schedule

15 x 2 x 45 min (one semester)

Czech for foreigners A2


By the end of the course students will have acquired grammatical structures allowing them to express modality, the aspect of verbs, and conditionals. They will also have enriched their vocabulary regarding basic daily situations such as family and relationships, travelling, clothes, food and restaurants, nationalities and polite manners.

celý článek


Unit 1 – Countries, nationalities, languages – choosing a language course

Unit 2 – Food, restaurants, typical meals. Nominative + accusative sg./pl., instrumental sg., reflexive passive.

Unit 3 – Family and relationships – dating, breaking up. Verbs + accusative, dative and instrumental. Declension of personal and indefinite pronouns

Unit 4 – Where I live, telling the way, on a trip. Prepositions of place followed by accusative and instrumental, adverbs expressing location and direction.

Unit 5 – Appearance, clothes, changes. Nouns and adjectives in nominative and accusative plural. Comparative adjectives.

Unit 6 – Flat, housework, jobs. Perfective and imperfective verbs. Future of imperfective verbs.

Unit 7 – Politeness, hypothesizing. First and second conditional.

Length & schedule

15 x 2 x 45 min (one semester)

Online test Čeština

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