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Me and a friend of mine, passed the exam. We both have B2 and we both have it thanks to you as well! You are a wonderful teacher, those 2 days were really a pleasure, because you kindly explained important things without us feeling uneducated.

Exam Essentials student

I’ve received my results on Friday and that I have passed on grade C. I was close though, just two points from grade B… Nevertheless, I am happy and so thankful for the time you have given me.

Exam Essentials student

I passed my english exam! Your course was very helpful and made me feel confident.

Student kurzu Exam Essentials

We really focus on the preparation for the exam. I especially appreciate great feedback I always get.

Student FCE kurzu (jaro 2023)

We have a lot of room to ask questions, the environment is generally friendly and we always manage to complete a lot of work so I feel fulfilled and productive.

Student FCE kurzu (jaro 2023)

Oceňuji, že je lektor rodilý mluvčí, je energický a snaží se vést lekce s humorem. Zároveň vytváří safe space, takže mám pocit, že se můžu zeptat na cokoliv.

Student FCE kurzu (jaro 2023)

Talking to other people and listening to them, the number of students, funny stories from other people, great topics and the form of practising various idioms, phrasal verbs and so on. That we are not corrected after each mistake which helps with fluent speaking. Relaxed atmosphere, great classmates and a great teacher.

Student konverzačního kurzu (jaro 2023)

Nevím, kde Jan bere tolik energie ale i pozdě večer je pohotový, vtipný a lekce s ním nás prostě baví. Není mnoho takových skvělých pedagogů!

Student kurzu obecné angličtiny (jaro 2023)

I absolutely love the relaxed atmosphere. My classmates are very kind and so is the teacher. Whatever we do (speaking, reading, listening,...), it's always well planned and it suits our needs. I'm also glad to be encouraged to ask every single English-related question I may have.

Student CAE kurzu (podzim 2022)