Mgr. Štěpánka Stehlíková

Mgr. Štěpánka StehlíkováPradubice, Czech Republic

Education: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts – English and English literature

Teaching qualification: Masaryk University, Faculty of Arts – Course in ELT Methodology; Pedagogical Training for Teaching English at Secondary Schools

Teaching since: 1996

Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: 1998

Teaching experience in: Mexico, GB, ČR

About teaching

What I like about teaching
There are textbooks and teaching plans, yes, but apart from that I am in charge of what happens in the classroom. Every week, every day, every lesson is different. There’s no routine whatsoever.
I love the chemistry inside the classroom, the “reactions“among its elements, from which the teacher tries to boil the best learning environment for the students.
In fact, I find it hard to believe that other people want to do other jobs, too. Some people say they are bored at work, that’s something I have never experienced as a teacher, and I am sure I never will.

My advice to students of English
There’s more to English than what happens in the classroom. Find your films, books and music…And yes, don’t forget to look at Quizlet!

About me

Three things I like
1. Seas (especially in the north) and seabirds (anywhere)
2. YouTube with its hours and hours of music I can find there
3. Chicken Tika Masala

My favourite English word
My favourite word is perhaps “gargle“. I can feel both the pain of a sore throat as well as the soothing feeling once you’ve gargled in the word.

My favourite Czech word

Something special about me
This question was too difficult to answer for me so decided to ask my children for some help… / you have big ears (not true)/you read to us every evening/nothing/you love sleeping/
And yes… - I don’t have any wisdom teeth.

About P.A.R.K.

What I like most about P.A.R.K.
When I first came to PARK in 1998, the decorators were just finishing the first classroom…there was no staff room, there were no resources. It’s amazing to see where the school is now.  I’m proud to have been a part of the school for such a long time. And of course, my colleagues.

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Rychlý kontakt

Jazyková škola P.A.R.K.
+420 541 211 900

Firemní kurzy
+420 608 000 578


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