Samantha Ristic BA

Samantha Ristic .

Education: Bachelors degree in Visual Arts (photography major)

Teaching qualification: CELTA

Teaching since: April 2017

Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: September 2017

Teaching experience in: Australia, Czech Republic

About teaching

What I like about teaching
I like when I see students enjoying learning something new.

My advice to students of English
Never be too scared to try, it's never too late to learn something new.

About me

Three things I like
Photography, Traveling and Food!

My favourite English word

My favourite Czech word

Something special about me
I have spent a lot of time working in summer camps for children which has taught me a lot about working with young people and developed my passion for it!

About P.A.R.K.

What I like most about P.A.R.K.
That I get the opportunity to work with so many different kinds of students from kids and teens to adults - this always keeps my work enjoyable and interesting.

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Rychlý kontakt

Jazyková škola P.A.R.K.
+420 541 211 900

Firemní kurzy
+420 608 000 578


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