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The 27th P.A.R.K. Conference

  • Největší Konference angličtinářů v ČR pořádaná dvakrát ročně v Brně.
  • Přednášky, semináře a workshopy se zkušenými školiteli z celého světa.
  • Celodenní program za účasti všech prestižních nakladatelství a mnoha vzdělávacích partnerů se speciálními konferenčními nabídkami.
The 25th P.A.R.K. Conference, Autumn 2019, Brno
The 20th P.A.R.K. Conference, Spring 2017, Brno


We'd like to extend our gratitude to each and everyone who played a role in the day. 

From the wonderful and enthusiastic mood of our attendees, to the attentive and courteous partners, to the teachers and speakers who shared their knowledge so exuberantly, the day symphonised harmonically. 

So, in the most basic but heartfelt of terms: thank you to all attendees and participants for helping make a success of the day. 

With eyes to the future, we're now looking forward to the 28th P.A.R.K. Conference so keep an eye out for the forthcoming launch of our new registration site.

This edition of one of our country’s most popular ELT conferences will be held face-to-face on November 5th, 2022! 



The 27th P.A.R.K. Conference

This year we can look forward to a great line-up with a dazzling start from Fiona Mauchline, and an equally entertaining and informative finish by David Fisher. For more details on our amazing schedule, follow this link HERE.

Once the speaking is done, there will be a further rewarding opportunity to attend a "Meet the Speakers" after conference event. All accompanied by complimentary drinks, wine and refreshments, you can take the chance to engage with your favourite presenters. 

Of course there are also practicalities to deal with, so please click HERE for a useful guide to help you with any potential queries. 

The conference is accredited by The Ministry of Education MSMT - 27757/2019-2-810 

The P.A.R.K. Conference Team are always happy to take your questions too so please don't hesitate to contact us at konference@zkouskypark.cz.

The event is bound to be a momentous one as we reunite with old friends and colleagues, and look forward to connecting with many new ones, too. So register now and come join us on 2nd April 2022!

The P.A.R.K. Conference Team

David Koster & Barbora Syrová

P.S. And don't forget your P.A.R.K. Conference bag with useful discounts,  brochures and a voucher for a free sample book! 


A quick overview to what you'll be treated to at the 27th P.A.R.K. Conference:

  • A wide range of speakers, sessions and seminars with fantastic practical and academic ideas to enrich your teaching experience including 3 keynotes and 30 workshops to choose from.
  • A selection of international publisher stands and sponsors bringing you samples of their latest publications, events and educational software to try out.
  • An array of high-quality refreshments, hot and cold drinks, cakes and confections to keep you content between sessions as well as lunch options for all those who register for it.
  • Our fabulous ‘Meet the Speakers’ after-conference event giving all participants the opportunity to mingle, chat and get to know your favourite presenters and guests in a social setting complete with complimentary drinks, wine and refreshments.

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

The P.A.R.K. Conference team

David Koster & Barbora Syrová


Macmillan Education
Macmillan Education is a part of Springer Nature and has been present at the global publishing market for over 175 years. 
Education is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Macmillan Education is at the forefront of this change, providing solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone, at every stage of education.
As technology opens new doors for teachers and students, Macmillan Education uses its expertise to create products that suit different learning styles and design innovative new tools for teachers and students.Macmillan Education produces high-quality, trusted educational materials and provides support to teachers and students, so they can get the most from what is published.

The Bear Educational Theatre
The Bear Educational Theatre promotes drama and entertainment in ELT by producing quality live shows and workshops for school groups. Over the last 25 years, over twelve thousand shows have been seen by student groups in theatres, gyms, canteens and, more recently, online. The theatre has English-speaking teacher-actors and combines professional stage and camera expertise with sound teaching methodology. It plays in-person in The Czech Republic, Poland and France, and online for the whole world.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment
Cambridge University Press & Assessment help millions of people worldwide unlock their potential. Our qualifications, assessments, academic publications and original research spread knowledge, spark curiosity and aid understanding around the world. 
More than 25,000 organizations in 130 countries around the world recognize our exams and tests as proof of English language ability. As one of the world's leading English Language Learning publishers, we offer market-leading courses and supplementary materials for learners of English in all age groups. 
Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment English recently joined to form one single organization bringing together our expertise in research, teaching, learning and assessment.
We continue to lead the way in the development of new materials for teachers and students across a range of platforms, including online, interactive whiteboard and mobile apps. 

To find our more on our teaching materials, please visit: www.cambridge.org/cz 

Edu Bears

Edu Bears is a platform of innovative education solutions. Our flagship brand is Teddy Eddie, an ambitious method of teaching English to kids aged 2 to 7 tested by more than 20,000 students in over 250 language schools throughout Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Eddie’s older brother, our rising star Savvy Ed, is a method of teaching English to advanced but still young learners aged 7 to 10. Additional elements of our platform include the Parent Academy, offering lectures for parents who are committed to the development of their children’s language skills as well as a series of Synergy Garden conferences for teachers, methodology consultants and owners of our accredited centres, organised since 2016.

Englishbooks.cz is a bookshop and internet retailer specializing in material for the learning and teaching of the English language. We offer titles from well-known English language publishers as well as a wide assortment of novels and non-fiction in English. 

Fraus Publishing – professional support for education. Our goal is to help students develop their skills and knowledge. Above all, we want to motivate them and lead them to independent thinking and discovering.

Hamilton House
Hamilton House is an ELT publisher committed to developing materials that raise the quality of English Language Learning around the world. Our materials combine the latest developments in education with CLIL, Values and Learner-centred instruction that address the learning needs, interests and cultural backgrounds of students and teachers. All of our books include Interactive Whiteboard Software for teachers and e-books for students and include videos, animations, games and interactive exercises.

Express Publishing is an independent UK based publishing house established in 1988 with the purpose of raising the standards of English language teaching. By producing a wide variety of innovative teaching materials including cours books, grammar books, exam materials, ESP textbooks, Teacher's Resource books as well as supplementary ELT & CLIL readers we have been meeting the needs of students and teachers alike for more than 30 years. The company has enjoyed steady growth since its inception, and offers over 3500 titles sold in more than 110 countries. Express Publishing has numerous ministerial adoptions worldwide and it has been nominated multiple times by the British Council Innovation Awards.
INFOA is the distributor of Express Publishing books & digital materials in Czech Republic.

Educational programme JSNS (OWIS – One World in Schools) is one of the educational programmes of the People in Need organization. Since 2001, we have helped educate responsible young people, who are getting their bearings in today’s world, to approach information in an open and critical manner. They are not indifferent; they want to make a difference, and they also want to have an influence on events around them.

Klett publishing house
Our teaching materials FUNPARK (primary grade) and BLOGGERS (secondary grade) for primary schools are developed for Czech environment, the selling prices are adapted to Czech schools conditions, the progression corresponds exactly to our pupils, the materials contain both authentic and educational videos and both textbooks are adapted to pupils with special learning needs. Modern interactive support with the possibility of work with virtual classroom thanks to Klett LMS is a matter of course. For more information, see our website www.klett.cz.

Knihy Mikula s.r.o.
Mikula s.r.o. publisher has been active in the field of foreign language education for 33 years. It publishes dictionaries, textbooks and other education tools and apps. 

Megabooks is a foreign literature supplier present in the Czech market since 1992. We deliver specialized books from many fields of science, language textbooks, handbooks of methodology, dictionaries, social science and medical literature. We cooperate with significant foreign partners such as ELI Publishing and ELSEVIER, the world's leading publisher of science and health information. We are appointed an exclusive distributor for Oxford University Press.

Book lovers are surely familiar with our Oxford Bookshops, which you can find in seven cities in the Czech Republic: Prague, Pilsen, Hradec Králové, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava and České Budějovice.
We also run a special bookshop in Prague - Librairie Francophone - which specializes in francophone literature.
You can visit our e-shop at www.megabooks.cz, where you can check for all titles availability in our bookshops as well.

MM Publications
MM Publications was founded by teachers, which means that quality teaching materials and teacher support has always been at the heart of the company. We frequently publish new series, allowing us to include the latest methodology. Our coursebooks come with extended teacher’s packs. We believe that they are necessary for quality teaching, which is why we provide them for free to any teacher who teaches a group from our books. Our motto is 'behind you all the way!' and we mean it. If you have any questions, orders or would like to receive sample copies, feel free to contact us at office@mmpublicarions.cz. 

Oxford University Press
At Oxford University Press we have a clear mission which informs everything we do — to create the highest quality academic and educational resources and services and to make them available across the world. We share the University’s uncompromising standards, defining qualities, and belief in the transformative power of education to inspire progressand realize human potential. 
Visit www.oup.com/elt for more information on our products and services.

P.A.R.K. Cambridge Exam Centre
Since 2011 Cambridge P.A.R.K. is one of the 10 centres in the Czech Republic authorised by the Cambridge Assessment English to organise Cambridge English exams.
In 2015 we received the PLATINUM CENTRE status confirming the top quality of our services as well as the continuously growing number of exam candidates.

Pearson and Ventures Books
Ventures Books is a direct distributor of Pearson and Cambridge University Press ELT titles and at the same time provides complete methodological support to teachers - organizing conferences and webinars, preparing regular teaching tips, and creating supplementary textbook materials. Ventures Books methodologists will always be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable textbook.
Pearson is a long-established publishing house that publishes modern English textbooks and develops new technologies to make teaching as easy and successful as possible. Pearson's portfolio includes everything for teaching students of all ages, knowledge, and study goals.

Školní zájezdy, s. r. o. is a travel agency specialized in organizing international tours for primary and secondary schools. Naturally, we also arrange local (Czech) excursions and trips. Our mission is to support experiential education outside classrooms and motivate students to learn foreign languages and explore the world. All our programmes are professionally designed with respect to ages and interests of participants. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this school year and giving out a tablet to an organizing teacher for each dispatched multi-day trip to mark the occasion. We also offer exceptionally flexible payment, change and cancellation policies to help alleviate some of the current uncertainty surrounding international travel. Visit our stand to learn more, get a discount voucher for your next school trip and enter into a drawing for a brand new tablet.

SOL (Sharing One Language) is a UK non-profit set up in 1991 to support the teaching of English in EC Europe.
Our main focus is on providing quality interactive immersion language courses for students - giving them real confidence in using English.  SOL also stands for “Speaking, Observing, Listening”- the fundamentals of our courses! All in the beautiful setting of N Devon, close to The Atlantic Ocean.

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