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The 3rd P.A.R.K. Online Conference

Thank you for attending the 3rd P.A.R.K. Online Conference!

All participants who watched the webinars will receive a Certificate. You will receive this 1 week after the conference has finished at the latest.

Please note that we were doing our best to record the sessions so that you might be able to watch them after the conference has finished. Recordings will have to be edited and they will not be come available until the end of April.

Looking forward to seeing you hopefully in person at our Autumn Conference or at our Summer School, for more information click on the links below:
Summer School for Teachers 2021
The 26th P.A.R.K. Conference

The P.A.R.K. Conference Team
David Koster, Barbora Syrová, Iain Saunders

Conference handouts:

Alex Warren

Johanna Stirling

Do you want to read more about the conference? See "My 3rd P.A.R.K. ONLINE Conference notes" - Hana Ticha's blog here.

We’re pleased to announce the 3rd P.A.R.K Online Conference via Zoom!

Saturday 17th  April  2021, 9am – 3pm & after-party

Conference registration is now closed. However, if you would like to attend the conference, please get in touch with Barbora Syrová at konference@zkouskypark.cz and she will tell you how to pay and join the conference.

The 3rd P.A.R.K. Online Conference will include presentations from: 

  • David Crystal
  • Johanna Stirling, whose works include contributions to face2face, English Unlimited and Unlock 
  • Carol Read, author of 500 Activities in the Primary Classroom and Tiger Time
  • Alex Warren, Senior ELT Academic Consultant at National Geographic Learning

After lunch we’ll devote the afternoon to a presentation and Q & A session with the legendary David Crystal, author of such timeless titles as ‘English as a Global Language’, ‘How Language Works’ and ‘The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language’.  You will have a chance to submit your own question to David Crystal before and during the conference.

You can find the programme HERE.

Breakout Rooms & Afterparty  HERE.

Conference POSTER.

Information about the Sessions. 


Sign up before or on February 28, 2021 and pay first moment price 350 CZK!

Sign up before or on April 8, 2021 and pay 390 CZK.

Sign up before or on April 12, 2021  and pay 490 CZK.


The conference will take place on the Zoom Webinars platform using the latest Zoom features and presentation skills for a P.A.R.K. conference experience in the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t already have it, Zoom is easy to download on a computer at https://zoom.us/download or, if you’d prefer to use your phone, go to the Apple App store (for Apple phones) or Google Play store (for Android phones), search for ‘Zoom’ and press ‘install’ – it’s as easy as that.

From our partners:

Cambridge University Press
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We have a long-established and thriving business throughout the Czech Republic, and now with a new lead office in Prague 7.

Hungry for more?
Please visit our international website where we have a plethora of FREE webinars relating to distance teaching and learning. 

National Geographic Learning
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Oxford University Press
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Whether you’re taking small steps into teaching with digital or big strides,
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SciLearn English is a unique neuroscience based program designed to improve English skills and develop full language proficiency. Used around the world by millions of students at all levels of English.

Free webinar for PARK conference participants:

Ventures Books
Ventures Books is a direct importer of Pearson and Cambridge University Press ELT titles as well as a distributor of other ELT publishers. In Ventures Books we provide methodological support for teachers: we organize conferences and webinars, prepare teaching tips, and create supplementary textbook materials.
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Fierce Trainer Certification from York Associates
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Jump is a printed and online monthly magazine for young learners of English at A0-A1 levels. Each article is recorded by native speakers and supplemented by a worksheet. The recordings and worksheets are available free at gradus.cz/jump-materials/.

Drive is a set of over 60 online articles with recordings and worksheets at A2-B1+ levels, aimed at preparing students for maturita in English.

We hope to see you there!

The P.A.R.K. Conference Team
David Koster, Barbora Syrová, Iain Saunders



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