Specialista na firemní vzdělávání
v angličtině od roku 1992

Mgr. Jan Kuda

Kvalifikace: VŠ pedagogické vzdělání + CELTA
Učitelská praxe: od 2012

Mgr. Jan Kuda

Born in: Czech Republic
Education: Master's degree in  Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in English Language and Literature and  Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in History (double subject)
Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: I've been teaching in P.A.R.K. since September 2018.
Teaching experience in: The Czech Republic and the UK. 

About teaching

What I like about teaching: 
The sheer exhilaration on the student's face when they get something they struggled with in the past and then seeing them use it in their own production.

My advice to students of English?
Do what you love doing in Czech, but just do it in English. Love playing PC games? Do it in English. Do you love cooking? Sign up for a cooking class in English. 

About me

Three things I like
Sleeping, beer, soup and my beard. I know that's four, but ...

My favourite English word
I love the verb "to err". It's just a random sound, really, but in English it's actually a word. 

My favourite Czech word
"Kukaň"  -  to refer to a small room. I love how it uses the interjection "kuk" to refer to a room so small that you can just peek in as there's nothing else you can do there but peek in and leave.

Something special about me:
I used to be an adveturer but then I took an arrow to the knee. 

My favorite thing about working in PARK 
The staff, the office, the premises and the soup the "school cafe" serves. It always hits the spot!

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