Specialista na firemní vzdělávání
v angličtině od roku 1992

Radka Weberová

Kvalifikace: VŠ vzdělání + CELTA
Učitelská praxe: od 2014



Radka Weberová

Education: I studied Psychology at Palackeho University, and after that I got my CELTA certificate in London. I also hold an IH BET (Business English) and IH CYLT (Young Learners and Teenagers) certificates.
Teaching since: 2014.
Teaching in P.A.R.K. since: This is my first year in P.A.R.K.! I'm very excited to start :)
Teaching experience in (countries):
I've taught mainly in the Czech republic and Spain, and a little bit in the UK as well.
Specialization: FCE preparation and young learners and teens.

About teaching

What I like about teaching
I love meeting and speaking to new people! You are never bored as a teacher.

My advice to students of English?
Keep a diary in English! Not only will you study and practise language related to your own life and interests, you'll also be able to look back and see how much progress you've made. 

About me

Three things I like
Art, walking in the mountains and forests, and my cat.

My favourite English word
Snooze - a great word, a great concept :)

My favourite Czech word
Chňapka. I love how soft it is, I love how descriptive it is.

Something special about me
I love plants and animals! My flat is filled with houseplants and I am thinking about getting some chickens.. I hope the neighbours will approve!

My favorite thing about working in PARK 
I love the positive and open atmosphere!

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